When looking into different medical displays for your healthcare facility, you will likely view products by numerous different brands before deciding which to purchase. Of course, all brands bring something new to the market and there are likely to be some that stand out more than others when you’re browsing the many different options that you have. One particular brand you’re likely to be recommended and see lots of positive reviews about is FSN. 


Foreseeson Custom Displays created the range of medical video management products that are named ‘FSN Medical Technologies’, and they are incredibly popular amongst medical professionals across the healthcare industry. FSN is known as a pioneer and world leader in medical displays and many favour their products because of their seamless usability, compact modularity and robust design. If you’re interested in purchasing an FSN medical display, below are some of the most popular displays you should consider. 




If you’re searching for a display to show live surgical video content in a sterile environment then the FSN FS-P2404D is an ideal monitor. The front filter technology used in this display monitor provides higher brightness, better contrast ratio and minimalised glare, making the FSN FS-P2404D a brilliant solution under bright lights where a clear image is absolutely essential. 




The FSN FS-P2602D is another display that is perfect for use in a surgical suite. FSN worked hard to improve the picture quality on their displays and the now detailed, life-like images that you receive on the FSN FS-P2602D makes things much easier for surgeons. You can guarantee that with this display you will always have accurate and consistent colour too. 




When looking for a new display that is compatible with existing surgical integration applications, the FSN FS-P2603D is perfect. Thankfully, this integration-ready display can quickly and seamlessly be installed preventing elongated downtime for surgical staff. The FSN FS-P2603D benefits from the latest advanced features which are all built-in as well.


FSN FM-A2701D / FSN FM-A2701DS


These two 4K ultra-high-definition medical displays ensure that nothing is missed by surgeons by providing them with super-sharp images. The FSN FM-A2701D and the FSN FM-A2701DS both benefit from improved colour depth and increased resolution, so they only display images with crystal clear sharpness. These two medical displays also provide 4K video too and the cutting-edge technology used allows surgeons to see the live video with incredible resolution.




The FSN FS-P2607D is fairly unique in the fact that it can display 3D video in a variety of formats. Unlike other display monitors, the maximum depth perception and image clarity of the FSN FS-P2607D provides clinical confidence, and it is perfect for minimally invasive surgery. This display monitor does lead the way in technology. 




If you’re looking for a medical display that offers impressive image control then the FSN FS-L3202D is a brilliant choice as you’re able to position, overscan, zoom, pan and freeze on this display. Surgeons have the ability to tailor what they’re seeing to their preferences, making the FSN FS-L3202D is the perfect solution for many. 


Purchasing an FSN medical display 


All of the FSN medical displays mentioned above can be incredibly beneficial, and it isn’t surprising that they are some of the most popular displays across the healthcare industry. It is highly likely that no matter what your individual needs or requirements are, one of the medical displays mentioned above will be the perfect addition to your medical facility and you can trust that you won’t be disappointed when you purchase an FSN display. 


To find out more about any of these displays, please visit the Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies website today. We specialise in surgical and medical diagnostic display monitors and are dedicated to providing the best solutions to those in the healthcare industry. If you would like to speak to a member of our experienced team about FSN medical displays in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today.